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Aloha! E Komo Mai

Wellness - Wellbeing - Wealth

Health is our greatest Wealth


Invest in Your-Self

It yields high dividends

Experience a wellbeing coach who offers you tools to embody a thriving lifestyle

A supportive friend  

 for guided meditation, finding centeredness, empowerment, for purifying, replenishing, 

 cleansing your body, heart and mind 


Get your daily dose of Self Nourishment

Together Divine

Every day in every way everything and everyone is getting better and better

Self - Care is essential 


Making well-being a priority and taking the  time to do what is required can be a challenge


I  support you in succeeding

Preventative and re-generative well-being! 


As your 

Personal wellness 

guide and companion,

Together we create time and space for you to thrive, incorporating in your day the tools and activities that provide highest well-being

All Inclusive Nature Retreats


Travel guide and companion

Body cleanses/detox 




Guided Meditation

Plant based fresh meals 

Imagine living each day in Pure Joy and reaching your last breath with a big smile on your face and contentment in your heart.

How beautiful!

IMG_2931 2.jpeg
Image by Szilvia Basso

Aarya is an angel on this planet. Just being with her is a blessing in itself. She has a gift for transmitting love to all and teaching others to live up to their highest potential. Since I’ve started studying mantra with Aarya, my life has changed immensely. I’ve discovered true courage to face fear and become happy and well within. Many positive shifts have occurred in my life somewhat magically. I used to suffer from depression and have panic attacks regularly. Now, I start my day and fill my day by centering myself with the mantra she has taught me and it helps me lift into a higher vibration. In this higher state of being I enjoy healthier relationships and joy. 

-Betsy Cantrell

Workshop participant

Encinitas, California

Megan's experience  
Big Island, Hawaii

Join me in life experiences that transform from deep within

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