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"Clean Gut, Clear Mind"
Whole-being detox &  Meditation Retreat

Exquisite intimate group maximum 6 participants 
"Trust your gut", Join us!

Image by Katie Harp
Image by Katie Harp

December 21-27th

Jan 11- 17th
Feb 1 - 7th
March 7 -13th
April 4 -10th

 Give yourself the gift of a complete body detox

TOGETHER Divine Magic Happens! Come...

Cleanse the Gut: with a three day intake of an ionic tonic of fresh deep ocean water, followed by three days of  Ayurvedic gut recalibrating food. Everything farm to table, organic and made fresh daily

Cleanse the Mind: with silence, meditation and guided harmonizing exercises

Cleanse the Heart: with the pure love experienced while you are here

Cherry on top: the cleanse is amplified with art, sound, time for quiet contemplation and deep connection with yourself, each other and nature

The result.... An open door to

Walk through life without resistance, embodying more love, joy, awareness

A Golden opportunity to gift yourself personal time while at the same time being in a supporting space with others in the same resonance

Savor each moment. Amplify your connection with your truth

Here less is more, more being, less doing, a quiet calm presence

Re-discover simplicity, sincerity, undoing, dissolving, and freeing yourself in Pure Inner Silent Stillness. What a gift!

All that's needed is provided for you from the moment you land at the Hilo Airport. - You can leave all stress on the other side of the ocean...

FOR PRIVATE CUSTOM CLEANSES: Call us for details. Choose your number of days: 4 , 7 or more

Personal experiences from guests


My heart is Full


My work is in the rat race of the business world and I am a mom to two beautiful kids who are constantly needing to get from one place to the next.


My inner light had burned so low in recent years, and I knew I had to do something to start the healing process and to start living differently.

Aarya gave me the space, kindness, guidance and pure love that I needed. I did not expect to be transformed overnight, but I entered with an open heart, and practically overnight I have been filled to the brim. I am also taking practices home with me so I can keep my own flame lit so I can best share that light with others.


In an extremely short time, Aarya helped me rejuvenate my body, mind and soul. 


I am forever in gratitude for this experience and for Aarya. Pure Love and Mahalo!

- Sarah

Exactly what I needed 

There are experiences in this life that cannot be adequately described through the written word.


My week with Aarya was one of these comprised of many breathtaking and awe-inspiring moments throughout our time together. Everything flowed in divine perfection leaving me feeling peace, joy, love, and gratitude.


It was exactly the life reset I needed to find balance, clarity, and a deep awareness of my heart and soul’s deepest desires. 


Aarya truly takes care of everything and holds you in the highest vibration of love down to the beautiful homemade plant-based meals,  personalized guided meditations, sound baths, and yoga! 


Our week together was life-changing! I am grateful that the universe connected me with such a beautiful kind gentle soul as Aarya!

- Jackie

Image by Nick Fewings
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Location of the retreat


Pepeekeo, Hamakua Coast, Big Island






"Our true nature is pure love, expansion, bliss, fearlessness, joy.


In silent aloneness there is a golden door to pure joy"


Full description

Full description

Embark on a deep journey of purification of your whole being

Partake in three days of twice daily infusion of one liter of deep seawater accompanied by green smoothies and probiotic miso

Followed by three days of ayurvedic harmonizing Kitchari style nutrient rich meal to recalibrate and harmonize your complete digestive system, restoring healthy flora and optimized absorption of nutrients

Cleansing your liver and colon of toxins, reseting your nervous system, reducing pain, anxiety and stress!

A wondrous gift to embrace the precious life we are given in every precious moment.

A space of reawakening, regeneration, purification and time for yourself to replenish. Here Magic Happens!

With daily guided experiences to activate your self-healing powers and inner calm open radiance

We explore several styles of meditation: Walking, Sitting, Standing, Laying, Silent, Guided

We also delight in silent meals, art and activities with space for sharing and reflecting

The accommodations:

You are welcomed into a space that is loved and cared for. It is also a "White Zone" of minimal internet and electromagnetic pollution. There is no wi-fi. There are ethernet cables in the common areas

We live naturally in harmony with the surroundings, which means, we share with the geckos, ants, bugs, birds, cats and all the other beings that call this magical place their home

Enjoy a unique experience diferent from a luxury hotel or resort with pool, activities, and non-stop entertainment 

During some times of the year, there can be mosquitos. Bring your non-toxic mosquito Repellent

The main living areas are open-air to best enjoy the rain, the view and the fresh breeze

We love to live in an environment that is free from pollution: be it sound, air, electromagnetic, etc

We rejoice that our guests embrace and look forward to coming here at ease and joyful that we embrace this simple and WELL-being lifestyle

Come home to joyfull living!

The YUM nutritious live food cleanse

We enjoy a fully nutritious plant based lifestyle with the delight of organic fresh fruit from local farms, nourishing salads, ayurvedic kitchari cleansing dish and fresh alkalizing juices and tonics. Everything organic, farm to table

All freshly prepared and infused with Pure Aloha every day

The first three full days include an all liquid menu with the deep sea water drink, green smoothie and miso soup

The final three days include fresh fruit and tea, and an ayurvedic meal made with sprouted french lentils, black rice, herbs and salad served following the protocol of intermittent fasting between 10:00am and 4:00pm

We partake in intermittent fasting to allow your digestive system to take a break, rest, and cleanse

Every cell of your body will soak the nourishment it will be getting from the freshly and lovingly prepared meals, which are carefully selected to give you all the live nutrients that your body needs to thrive.

What to bring

  • Water Bottle

  • Walking/ Hiking Shoes

  • Water shoes

  • Swim Suit 

  • Sunscreen (Eco- friendly / reef safe)

  • Mosquito repellent (deet free - non toxic)

  • Light Sweater / jacket

  • Flip - flops or beach shoes

  • Comfortable moving clothes

  • Journal

  • Sun Hat

  • Daypack

  • Ear Plugs (in case you are not used to the night frog song or wish to mitigate road noise and dog barking, the usual sounds of the night)




When is the best time of year to come?

All year round is great to come. November to February are the coolest months, a light jacket may be useful. July and August the hottest months.


What toiletries do I need to pack?

Bring your own personal toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, etc. Please make sure they are eco-friendly non toxic variety. 


What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating between a range of hours to allow for ample time of rest to your digestive system. For example, to eat within a window of six hours and let the digestive system rest for 18 hours without any food. We will eat between 10:00am and 4:00pm to apply the 18:6 ratio.


What are the purported benefits of a cleanse?

  • eliminate accumulated toxins from the mind and body tissues.

  • improve digestion and restore regular bowel movements.

  • remove heaviness or congestion in the body.

  • support a healthy body weight.

  • improve energy and vitality.

  • promote overall health and wellness.

Retreat options

Sample Schedule

The intention of this immersion is to flow with effortless ease embracing the rhythm of nature as it presents itself to us every day

The schedule presented is a sample (Option available for 4 day/weekend only)

Each morning as we see what wondrous surprises the dawn brings, we determine the full schedule of the day, always allowing space for change and new ideas to manifest

Day 1 / Arrival: (Check in after 3:00)

  • Settle into the room and unwind

  • Welcome dinner, meet and greet

  • Complimentary Pre-cleanse Energetic body bio-well assessment



Day 2

8:00 Energizing movement practice

9:30 Guided Meditation

10:30 Sea Water drink

11:00 All about the cleanse with Dr. Randyl

1:00 Green Smoothie Lunch

2:00 Rest

3:00 Sea Water drink

4:00 Gentle QiGong Style harmonizing movements

5:00 Silent Meditation with Crystal bowls

5:45 Miso Soup Tonic

6:00 Solo time for journaling, reading


Day 3

8:00 Energizing movement practice

9:30 Guided Meditation

10:30 Sea Water drink

11:00 Art meditation

1:00 Green Smoothie Lunch

2:00 Rest

3:00 Sea Water drink

4:00 Gentle QiGong Style harmonizing movements

5:00 Silent Meditation with Crystal bowls

5:45 Miso Soup Tonic

6:00 Solo time for journaling, reading


Day 4

8:00 Energizing movement practice

9:30 Guided Meditation

10:30 Sea Water drink

11:00 Breath meditation

1:00 Green Smoothie Lunch

2:00 Rest

3:00 Sea Water drink

4:00 Gentle QiGong Style harmonizing movements

5:00 Silent Meditation with Crystal bowls

5:45 Miso Soup Tonic

6:00 Solo time for journaling, reading


Day 5

8:00 Energizing movement practice

9:30 Meditation

10:30 Fruit and tea

11:00 Culinary demonstration of plant based meal

1:00 Ayurvedic cleansing Kitchary meal

2:00 Rest

4:00 Gentle QiGong Style harmonizing movements

5:00 Silent Meditation with Crystal bowls

6:00 Solo time for journaling, reading


Day 6

8:00 Energizing movement practice

9:30 Guided Meditation

10:30 Fruit and tea

11:00 Writing meditation

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Rest

4:30 Closing circle

6:00 Solo time for journaling, reading


Day 7 /Departure: ( Checkout BEFORE 12:00 noon)

  • 8:00am Energizing movement practice

  • 10:00 Fruits and tea

  • Complimentary Post-cleanse Energetic body bio-well assessment


Fantabulous additional wellness treatments available to add a la carte:

  • Massage (60 or 90 minutes)

  • PEMF grounding Bemer mat

  • Dream Spa and Meta body rejuvenator sessions

  • Car rental to go out and explore on your own

  • Extension of stay for exploring big Island:

    • A journey down south - drive from north to south with option to include:

      • a hike or walk to green sands beach,

      • a day with a sacred bee keeper,

      • a barefoot walk,

      • simple stops along the way to explore the island

    • Visit to the volcanoes National park

    • Around the island guided tour

couryard cabin WH.jpeg
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Giving and Receiving

The infinite flow of Aloha

We give our offerings overflowing with Pure Love and Appreciation

And allow you the opportunity to choose what you give to support us

With immense Gratitude we honor your contribution
US$ 3,888 - 6,888

All inclusive of
6 night / 7day
accommodation, meals,  immersions, taxes

Would like to offer a different custom amount?
Let us know
Image by Kelly Sikkema
Booking Details

Your private retreat dates are booked and confirmed with a 30% deposit at time of reservation. (The option to pay the full balance is also available)

The 30% deposit / and or full balance are sent via Zelle.

-Credit card option available by Stripe payment link ( with 4.5% Stripe fee added)

When booking with the deposit only, the remaining balance for the retreat is welcomed at any time until the departure date.

Note: When coming together with a friend sharing the room, the all-inclusive for each one gets a special discount 

Mahalo! for your gift /contribution, it is received with Infinite Pure Love and Gratitude 💜 and blessed that it grows and returns to you million fold overflowing with blessings... 

And now we come to the fine print that we all sign and usually don't read... here we go:

By booking participation in the retreat;

We are embracing that we gather and share during the retreat from a space of trust goodwill and with Pure Love.

You embrace that you are fully responsible for yourself, and therefore, accept to forever release, waive and discharge the retreat/experience, host, guide, all helpers, family, team, any volunteers, and the Alohana Center organization from any and all legal claims and liability without limitation. (read more below)

Mahalo! Aloha! Pure Love 💟

Contact to reserve

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